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"I have passed !! Prof Naqvi, You are making a HUGE positive impact on the lives of many junior doctors! As a Trust grade SHO who has been moving from one Trust to another every year, it was becoming really hard for me to pass this exam. I would have passed in the first attempt if I had attended your teaching sessions earlier."
Dr Yin Mon Aung MRCP
Worthing Hospital, NHS England, UK 
(July 2023)

"Dear Dr Naqvi, I am delighted to tell you that I have passed PACES on my FIRST attempt! I had been out of practice from general medicine for almost 8 years , during which time I have been exclusively practicing dermatology. I found your coaching sessions highly informative. You have an incredible ability to teach on how to deal with patient's concerns, as well as on how to excel in the communication stations. I would highly recommend your coaching sessions to PACES candidates, particularly those who are unfamiliar with the UK health system..."

Dr Hamad Mutlaq
Clinical Fellow, Medical Dermatology 

(attended PACES Coaching in September 2022)

"I was really struggling to pass PACES. Dr. Naqvi's guidance was invaluable in identifying my key weaknesses that I didn't even know I had! Look no further if you want to pass PACES in first attempt, particularly if you are an overseas graduate."

Dr R Sharma (PACES Coaching session, Chennai, India, September 2022)

'Dr. Naqvi has been really methodical in explaining the exam. I feel the tips taught during the coaching session will be of great help in passing the exam. Overall, I feel much more confident in what and how to prepare for PACES.'

Dr S Sultana 


"Dear Dr Naqvi, I wish to inform you that I finally passed my PACES! Your advice was excellent and I believed I needed that push to make it through. I must say I have learnt many things from you during those coaching sessions which no one ever told me...!!" My total score was 159/172! Thank you so much again for your invaluable guidance..'

Dr Nabeelah, Mauritius MRCP(UK)

'Dear Dr Naqvi, I had attended your coaching session in March. I am glad to inform you that I have passed my PACES exam!!

It would have been an impossible task without your guidance. I was really low on morale after I failed in my first attempt. You had instilled confidence and explained tips which were really helpful for me. More over, I was surprised on seeing my score card - I scored full marks in Neurology station which I was most scared of!! Once again I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your guidance...'

Dr. Sreejith Venugopal MRCP(UK), India

"I passed my MRCP PACES in first attempt in Dubai in Feb 2019 !! I got 16/16 in the communication station and 15/20 in history with a total score of 151 !!  Thanks a lot sir for your help and guidance!.."
Dr Ahmed El-Obeid MRCP(UK), Dubai

"Hi Dr. Naqvi..I wanted to thank you for your fantastic support and guidance as I passed PACES with a score of 170/172! I am so thankful for your excellent teaching and notes without which I could not have achieved this success!...."

Dr. Niharika Varma MRCP(UK), Core Medical Trainee, London, UK


"Thank you for the notes. I really appreciate it. The session was a confidence booster on how to perform on the exam day!..."

Dr. S Venugopal, UK
"..I am delighted to inform you that I passed MRCP PACES examination in January 2018. In my previous attempts I struggled with history and communication stations. This time, I managed to get full marks in communication skills station and 18 out of 20 in history station by following your strategy. Thank you for your able guidance!..."
Dr. Suman Paul MRCP(UK), Senior Clinical Fellow, Respiratory Medicine, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

"..I passed!!! ....Thank you so much for your help!!...."

Dr Rajna Golubic MRCP(UK), Core Medical Trainee, Cambridge, UK

"..I found the coaching session very useful in particular the advice regarding differential diagnosis and general advice on marking principles. I will focus on these points now and feel more comfortable in approaching the exam. Many thanks!.."

Dr R Golubic, Cambridge, UK

'..Good day Dr Naqvi, I am writing to let you know I passed PACES on my first attempt!!! Thank you for all your support and teaching!!.....'

Dr Ravin Debbie MRCP(UK), San Fernando General Hospital, Trinidad & Tobago, The West Indies

"...PACES coaching was recommended to me by a friend and I booked full day station 2 & 4 course. It was excellent. Very useful and I am feeling a lot more confident now and definitely better prepared...."

Dr S Aslam, Saudi Arab

"..Just got the result, Passed PACES!!!... Thank you very much for all the help!!..."

Dr Syed Mohsin Rizvi MRCP(UK), Riyadh, Saudi Arab

"...The course was very precise and informative, teaches you all the needed tricks for communication stations. Everyone should consider going for it especially people who needs guidance on communication skills....."

Dr Samira Hoque, SHO, Nottingham University Hospital, UK

"..One of the best lectures, provided me with an insight into the exam like no other. Personalized and focused course, which meets individualised needs. It has boosted my confidence a lot. In short, I would say it's a ' 3 hour eye- opener' !!.....'

Dr M F Ali Quadri, Senior Resident ER, King Fahad Hospital, Saudi Arab

'Dear, Dr.Naqvi, Thanks a lot for your clear & detailed explanations for every aspect of the PACES exam; you made it clear for me how to perform at each station. Those details are very important as I come from a very different cultural background & health system. I hope with your help I can pass the exam, kind regards'

Dr. Nawshirwan Gafoor Rashid MD, Clinical Hematologist & Head of Cancer Control unit, Hiwa Hemato-Oncology Hospital, Iraq

“Dr Naqvi, I would like to thank you tremendously for your teaching. The session on stations 1,3 and 5 was excellent. You gave me direction on my preparation and the key features highlighted made me realise my weak points. The session on station 2 & 4 was extraordinary!! Your coaching made me change my outlook on my current history taking skills. The methodology explained behind the actor/script for station 4 was a unique but great help for the preparation. I must say, you are very approachable and the efficiency of feedback via emails was commendable. In closing, I'd reiterate; great course, great tutor! Thank you!…."
Dr Ravin Debie, Trinidad, The West Indies (PACES Coaching session, August 2016)

"..Hi Dr Naqvi, just want to let you know that I have passed my PACES exam! my score was 154/172, with 15/16 in station 4! thank you for the communication skills work sheet that you gave me!...."

Dr Fransisca Indraswari, Singapore (PACES coaching session June 2016)

"Just letting you know I have passed my PACES exam with flying colours! I got almost full marks in all stations...your PACES tips were WONDERFUL.. thanks a MILLION!............"

Dr M Imran, Senior Registrar A&E, Portlaoise, Republic of Ireland

'....Dr Naqvi gave me the tips and advice which nobody teach you in other courses - Excellent session; boosted my confidence significantly, thanks again!!..."

Dr M Imran, Registrar Emergency Medicine, Portlaoise, Republic of Ireland (PACES coaching session June 2016)

'I have passed! I had problems with Station 4 in previous attempts and have now scored 16/16!

I have to say that I followed your guidance for my exam and especially for station 4. I have no hesitation in recommending your PACES coaching to other candidates. I found it very effective. Thank you!!'

Dr M Hayat MRCP
Riyadh, Saudi Arab

"...Attended 7 courses, and failed the exam thrice. Had no idea what I was doing wrong! ...heard about PACES Coaching from a friend of mine.. this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone looking to pass PACES in first attempt! You won't learn these gems in PACES courses! Thank you! Highly recommended!..."

Dr A Kumar, Specialty Doctor, Scotland, UK

"I am feeling more confident after the session today. Many thanks for the notes, they are like Gold Dust!"

- Dr M Kainth, Core Medical Trainee, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Essex, UK

(PACES Coaching session May 2016)

"......Thank you for such a thorough and comprehensive session - definitely improved my confidence. I would highly recommend your coaching to my colleagues - invaluable advice!!...." 

Dr I Norris, Core Medical Trainee, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK


".....An eye opener to anyone taking PACES exam!...."

Dr Selvam Nadesan, Malaysia, PACES coaching sesson March 2016


".....I am so grateful for your help.. it was excellent!..."

Dr A Kiani, Southampton, UK


"....Dear Dr. Naqvi, I am very thankful to you for helping me pass my PACES exam! Your online coaching session really gave me the confidence to pass. The notes you emailed me and the advice I received during the session, especially talking through all my weaknesses, really made the difference. I will recommend your online session to everybody especially people from abroad if they want to pass their exam easily.
Thank you so much for your help and support !......"

Dr Talal Sherazee MRCP(UK)
Core Medical Trainee
Hull Royal Infirmary
Feb 2016

"....I just want to say a million thanks to Dr Naqvi for his very clear and excellent coaching for my PACES exam. He made every pertinent point very clear for my study. The one to one approach suits me well as it is difficult to focus on personal improvement in big group courses. Dr Naqvi is very approachable and responds very quick as well. Thank you so much!..."

- Dr N Hashim, Galway, Republic of Ireland (PACES coaching session, Dec 2015)



"...Thanks a lot, it was really very useful coaching.... I would recommend it to all my colleagues!...."

  - Dr Saad Al-Tamimi MACC, MACP USA Cardiology, Consultant Cardiologist, Noor Specialist Hospital, Bahrain

    (PACES coaching session, January 2016)

"....Very helpful session, thanks!...."

   Dr R Clarke, UK

"..Hi Dr Naqvi, I just want to let you know that I have passed my PACES! thank you for your dedicated and organised teaching. I found it very useful. I would recommned your teaching to all my colleagues who are sitting the exam..."

Dr Y Adli, UK


"..Really good insight, increased my confidence significantly!......."

  Dr A Tingay, UK

"....Charismatic teacher! Really good, very useful!...."

     Dr J Curran, UK 

"...Excellent, Fantastic!..."

 Dr B Malik, SHO, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust, Chelmsford, UK

"..Dear Dr Naqvi, I passed my PACES exam! Thanks a million for all your help and support. I could not have passed without your guidance.."

  Dr Sadia Amin, UK 

"...Very enthusiastic teacher, clear guidance, useful examples...."

   Dr M McCarthy, UK

"..Marvellous teacher, thank you!....."

  Dr S T Khizir, Pakistan 

"..I am delighted to share this wonderful news - I passed my PACES! Thank you so much for your help and support, I am grateful to you...."

 Dr C Poudel, UK


Our coaching sessions are carefully designed to cater the training needs of doctors from various medical and socio-geographical backgrounds. MRCP PACES is an international exam with exam centres in 13 different centres around the world including India, Middle East, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore and Egypt, to name a few. We will be happy to discuss your particular training requirements to devise a tailor-made programme to suit your unique learning objectives, maximimising your chances of success at PACES!

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